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02/04/2024 15:48

Cheap storage containers - many types for different applications

Do you need more cheap storage space? We are offering many types of storage containers. Send us your inquiry.   We offer following types: - Container with double-wing door in front side - Container with double-wing door in side wall - Container with one-wing door in side wall - Carport...


06/03/2024 08:28

Demountable storage containers - references

We offer many types of demountable containers. All the containers are time and customer tested. Check out our references and send us your enquiry.       back to main page    


02/02/2024 15:26

Special storage containers

We can offer you special storage containers and many solutions. All containers are demountable and made from 100% galvanized steel plates. Check our offer - container modifications   back to main page  


05/01/2024 10:06

Quick build storage containers - cheap solution

Are you looking for quick build storage container? We can offer you cheap and safe solution. Our store containers are demountable. It´s very easy to build it and use it. Contact us back to main page


01/12/2023 15:35

Quick build container - best quality storage containers on stock

Are you looking for storage container? Take a look on quick build containers. It´s easy and cheap to transport.   Do you need more info about QUICK BUILD CONTAINERS? Let us know:    - storage container: technical details - storage container: using ...back to...


02/11/2023 08:11

Demountable storage containers on stock

Do you need quality storage container? Try our demountable storage containers. Most of types are on stock! It´s easy and cheap to transport our demountable storage containers. Send us an inquiry:   back to main page


02/10/2023 15:03

Quality storage containers - low prices

We are offering quality storage containers for low prices. They can be used in many industries. Are you interested in? Please contact us or +420 723 560 207.


04/09/2023 14:43

Storage containers on stock.

Storage container on stock. Quality containers available immediately. Delivery to the whole European Union.   Mehrere Informationen für Deutschland und Österreich finden Sie hier... Angebot von Lagercontainern. Hochwertige Container für niedrige Preisen. Container mit TÜV Zertifikat....


02/08/2023 13:15

Small steel storage containers

Are you looking for small storage containers? Try our solutions! Our mini containers are ideal for storing goods and materials. Available dimensions: - Storage container 1080x1190x2190mm - Storage container 1260x1380x2180mm - Storage container 1380x2180x2185mm   Contact us for more...


10/05/2023 07:39

New 3m long storage container with one wing door

We present you a new 3m long storage container. This container have one wing door (970x1930mm) in the middle of long side. back to the main page